Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegan Options

I like to eat in restaurant but I do not see more than two options on menu and sometimes even that requires 30 minute conversation with chef.
The cost of this is not just inconvenience but social also. I usually skip workplace related meetings that are at restaurant (and farewell and welcome lunches as well).
As Seattle is port city, you cannot escape from seafood (and other side effectsL)
I usually chat with restaurant manager about adding more vegan options but I usually get response as ‘Send mail to corporate’.
I understand my other options as PCC and Wholefood, but what do I do when my co worker who is leaving, likes to eat at specific place and they specialize in sea food?
In order for people to ‘consider’ vegan life, they need to see more options so I have started emailing some chains.
So first one on my list are Panera and Pallino

What do you do in such situations.
Please share your ideas and resources….

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