Friday, September 10, 2010

sleep deprive...

I am trying new schedule which is to be in office before 7 and leave at 2 for kids pick up for last two weeks.
My kids are used to aftercare so they will miss the snack 

The struggle is getting in bed early. I am so used to be up till 12, getting in bed by 9 seems unnatural to me. After two week of this schedule, lack of sleep and fatigue made me go to bed yesterday at 9 and then I woke up at 6.
I have not had so much sleep since…I do not know..I am so used to being sleep deprive that 9 hours sleep is making me wanting to go back to bed again…
My next post will be on lunch box for my kids. I just read Carrie’s blog and was impressed by comment from Scout's Honor. Imagine kids packing their own lunch….
I guess I need to train myself first on How-To-Train-Your-Kids-to-Pack-their-Own-Lunch first.

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