Friday, September 9, 2011

How to help your kids with raw veggies?

Since I have started oil free, reduced processed stuff, I moved on to more raw food. However, with kids, it is challenge.
Here are few things that I learned and works for me....
  1. Do not expect miracles. It took me a while to get used to raw taste so it will take some time (and a lot of love and patience form your part) for kids to get used to eat raw.
  2. Talk to them why you are serving raw food.
  3. Start little and at home and when they are hungry.
  4. Serve food in course (first serving is always raw salad).
  5. I add their favorite fruits in there green salad to make up for no dressing (dressing is usually only lemon juice)
  6. For zucchini and broccoli etc, I chop them really fine to add to beans. This way, it helps them with their small mouth.
  7. Respect their request about food. I pack raw fruits, no veggies for their school and after care. I usually pack food that they like (bean salad with 5 chips, ). I do not pack veggies as my son mention that he does not want to eat veggies in school (My potato sabji is not veggie in his mind).
  8. I always serve raw along with something they like ( I am lucky that they love a lot of healthy stuff which is very low in fat/sugar)
  9. Have few varieties of homemade dip and sauce for them to try. Some days they love hummus but some days they do not like it.
  10. And sometimes you have to let it go…
Recently, I had a guest with 8 yr old boy. My kids are in same age group and while they were having ‘green shake’, the other boy asked ‘How can you drink this? It looks so yuck’. My son responded ‘Don’t say that. It looks ok and it makes me strong form inside.’

What works for your kids?

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