Thursday, September 8, 2011

raw food

I was reading, healthygirlskitchen  I am learning to enjoy raw food, I am beginning to like raw veggies.
Easiest way is definitely smoothie, but now I am in second grade :)  I eat raw broccoli with hummus (or eggplant dip)

I am obsessed with cooked veggies and I need my spice kick, I make Potato-tomato sabji (similar to your potato-eggplant preparation) and I add raw broc to it on the side. This way, I get my raw stuff along with spicy stuff.
I make dips and sauces at home without oil, so I do not feel bad for eating one cup of eggplant dip with 7 florets.

Another things works with my kids is that when I make brown rice (or pasta), I mix raw veggies with hot spicy rice (or pasta). This way, veggies do get a bit warm but then everyone in family eats it. On my plate, you have to search for grain with microscope though

I have seen significant improvement in my kids ability to handle season issues (fever, flu) etc since we increased raw food consumption, 3 years ago. We started with fruits and later we added more and more veggies.

Also, I think early training for kids helps a lot as well. Recently, a friend made mac-chees for my kids and my son was extremely surprised to know that you can make mac-cheese without green tree (broccoli). He never had mac-cheese without raw broc.

I do have issue with social pressure. In general I am considered ‘stone hearted mom’ who deprives simple pleasure of everyday food to my kids (yes, no muffin, cakes etc for them due to egg). But you have to take these out to develop 

taste for bitter greens. But I hope my kids will be wise enough to understand that skipping golden arch is no big deal.

Look forward to read comments on  healthygirlskitchen blog

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