Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 week challenge

In past 10 years, I gained 25 lbs.

I never liked SAD food and I used to eat lacto vegetarian diet (except that cooking oil was so cheap in US that I think I started to overuse it).
Worst part of this weight gain was that I thought it is natural. I am already eating very healthy food and it is part of aging process (to get fat) and motherhood.
I had really high triglyceride (wheat and rice and large portion size)
In back of my mind, I was bothered by my extra weight but had no strong resolve. I tried for a week or so few times but would give up very soon.
In beginning of this year, I got smart phone. I started to read many blogs related to food, well being etc.
First four months I was blown away by information shared by various doctors and bloggers. Intellectually I knew that I need to do something but blogs finally motivated me enough to move on from my previous experience of fear of failure.
I started to incorporate more and more raw food in diet. I would loose weight very fast but I can easily gain 5 lbs on Saturday party food.

As I started to learn more about my body, I started to work with my family as well. I am fortunate that I do not have any health issues in my family and I would like to keep it that way.
In past 3 to 4 months, I lost only 15 lbs, but my lipid panel report shows much better numbers.
My kids drink green smoothie at least 3 to 4 times per week.
Our salad consumption is gone up 4 times and oil consumption is gone way down.

I am happy with progress we made as whole family.
My typical day has no grain or oil till 6 pm. During dinner, I do eat very little wheat or rice (2 or 3 spoons) .
My only problem is that I want to eat after 9 pm (some fried snack).
I have these snacks for kids (school, day care)./ these are healthy crackers or bars, but they are still something that I should not eat.

I am participating in this 6 week challenge to get rid of 10 lbs and that will put me in my ideal weight range.
In addition to all the blogs I follow and read, I also stumbled upon this book.  Does anyone else know about “Dr. Richard Fleming”?
Please do share your experience and story. 

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